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About Me

Desirée Lafuente was born in Logroño (La Rioja - Spain), where she studied Management and Computer Management. Although this was her profession for several years, she always felt attracted to the decorative arts and the design.
However it wasn't until 1997 when she discovered the world of the miniatures and, after two years of self-taught, began to make their first pieces custom made.
The habitual creations of this artisan are 1:12 scale upholstered furniture from different periods and styles. Each piece is made by hand with fine wood, natural leather and various fabrics. They are characterized by a meticulous finish.
Her work has been published in various specialized magazines of nationally and internationally: Dolls House and Miniature Scene, Miniatures, Dollhouse Miniatures and Dolls House Nederland. Her pieces are spread among collectors from around the world.

Specialty in sofas, armchairs and other seats of different periods and styles.

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